A kitchen projected toward wellness

The philosophy of Camì is enclosed all in the concepts of simplicity and well-being. Thanks to the meeting with the current life partner, Milena Zanfini, the Camì turned gradually into a hotbed of dishes and products designed first and foremost to protect the mental and physical health of its customers. Not only high quality raw materials, many of which are produced directly in the farm's; the philosophy of the "real good" that Vincent and Milena have brought in their restaurant is so deep and sophisticated that does not neglect even the use of good water, the alkaline by detoxification.



Innovative cuisine and ingredients of the highest quality to protect your health

Protect your health by prevention at the table you can, just to reconcile controlled raw materials, cooking techniques and healthy combinations. Vincenzo and Milena are always attentive to the welfare of the people so as to "infect" almost all customers in this way of life that now is becoming more and more essential. Eating properly prepare the body of the youngest to the commitment of the future life, keeps the adult to the best of his mental and physical shape, counteracts premature aging and physical decay of the elderly.